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MYD 220


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Product Description: YaYa Bidet MyD220 is a Natural Warm/Cold Water manual Bidet / toilet seat attachment with self cleaning Nozzle and water pressure control knob to adjust the pressure of streaming water. During the operation the nozzle extends and retract into its housing.

What is in the box:

MyD 200 Warm/Cold Bidet Attachment:
The install slider can be sliding around according to different mounting holes on the bowl rims.
Metal T-Adapter 3/8″ 3 ways connector for hot water 3 ways Plastic T- Adapter connector for cold water, with Washers 7/8″ x 7/8″ x 1/2″

78″ x 3/16″ Cold and hot water plastic pipe – for custom cut
Owner’s Manual/Installation Guide

Function and Characteristics: 
The YaYa MyD220 warm/cold water bidet has useful functions.

Posterior wash, the nozzle sprays a stream of warm water from its tip washing the posterior automatically, Feminine Wash, The extendable and rotatable nozzle extends and washes women’s parts. Massage Wash, The nozzle sprays a stream of water through an adjustable nozzle.

Install: The simple installation process for the MyD warm/cold water bidet. Multi function, Easy to install and dismantle and affordable. DIY products require no electrical power. Only hot and cold water connection is required.


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