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How to Install your Dispensers

All Dispenser Amenities™ Products have been designed to be installed without any damage to the wall surface and no tools are required.

You can refer to these soap dispenser installation videos to help you with your installations.

Installation instructions are also included with every dispenser and are printed in six languages.

When installed properly, the unit WILL NOT FALL DOWN!

dispenser installation


You must use BOTH the double-faced tape AND the entire tube of silicone adhesive for your installation. The tape must be there to hold the unit while the silicone adhesive cures (in 24 hours). The tape alone will not hold the unit once it is filled.

DO NOT FILL the unit for 24 hours after installation.

The silicone can easily support much more than the weight of the full Dispenser, but not until it has cured completely. The curing time for this adhesive is 24 hours.

1. The wall surface where the unit is to be mounted must be CLEAN and DRY!

If the adhesive is bonding to anything other than a clean, dry wall surface, the unit will not stay on the wall. If any surface contaminates are present, the adhesive tries to bond to the contaminants resulting in an improper bond.

Surface contaminants such as:

The most common way to solve a surface contaminant problem is to clean the surface: Dry Clean:

Dust or light contamination may be wiped clean with a dry cloth.

Wet Clean:

In many cases a liquid cleaning agent such as solvents, acetone or isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) is preferable. Make certain to select the right cleaning compound and allow adequate drying time before proceeding with the installation.

2. Determine the exact location for your Dispenser.

It is recommended that you place the unit away from the shower head spray. Often the wall opposite the shower head is preferable. Be certain to have plenty of clearance to open and remove the bottles.
installation steps

3. Apply double-faced tape

to the non-textured targets on the back of the unit. Remove protective backing on tape tabs.

4. Run a wavy bead of silicone on the entire textured area of the mounting bracket.

Use the entire contents of the tube. Avoid getting any silicone into the open or recessed areas of the mounting bracket.
installation steps

5. Press the unit firmly into place

ensuring the tape and silicone form a strong bond with the wall.
24 hour installation support


Tape will support the bracket until the silicone dries in 24 hours. Do not install filled bottles into the Dispenser for 24 hours.

6. Fill the bottles with your choice of liquids

place the bottles into position in the Dispenser and lock them in place.
7. When you first install your Dispenser or if your bottle becomes empty you will need to prime the pumps on your Dispenser. Priming instructions are included in written format with every Dispenser as well.

We are always eager to help you with the installation

Please feel free to contact us by phone 1-800-721-8482 or email if we can assist in any way or if you have questions.