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About Us

About US Dispenser

YaYa Group, Inc is a private corporation; (online Stores) established in 2006 and launched its first website, MyDisPenser.Com, UsDisPenSer.Com, www.YeCoFFee.Com. Since then, YaYa Group has grown to more than one website featuring multiple categories and divisions. We are all about offering a high quality product ranging from toiled seat bidet, house hold, Bath and shower accessories, decorative hardware, shower dispensers, advertizing trash bins, surveillance and security system.

Our Core Goals

Our Mission

Providing high quality and affordable soap dispensers for more hygiene at home & offices.

Our Vision

Hygiene is an important part of our lives. Therefore, it should be accessible to all.

Our Values

US Dispencers is all about high-quality soap dispensers in every shape and size and for every budget.

It all begins with clean hands

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